Become an ASLF Volunteer

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, 2000

“Volunteer involvement is vital to a just and democratic society. It fosters civic responsibility, participation and interaction. Volunteer involvement strengthens communities. It promotes change and development by identifying and responding to community needs. Volunteer involvement mutually benefits both the volunteer and the organization. It increases the capacity of organizations to accomplish their goals, and provides volunteers with opportunities to develop and contribute.”

Volunteering for Art Saving Life Foundation, you will have an opportunity to:

• support a cause you believe in
• put your skills to work, and acquire new ones
• meet interesting people and make new friends
• enjoy the satisfaction of helping others
• advance the fight against cancer in your community

We believe you will enjoy the volunteer experience in ASLF exciting program and activity.

How to be a volunteer?

Fill in and submit your volunteer application form here to, we will review and add to our volunteer database, then you will receive confirmation email from us. We will contact with you when your preferred position available.

Any further information regarding volunteer, please send email to .