Art As Escape/Haven Art Exhibition

Art As Escape/Haven Art Exhibition

Oct 1st – Oct 31, 2013

500 Montee de I’Eglise, Lile-Bizard, QC H9C 1G9

The artworks are from ink painting workshops and open studio facilitated by Janet Liu (Art Saving Life Foundation) and Kate Laux, MA, Art Therapist at Cedars CanSupport.

The works contain, at times, difficult imagery of what it is like to live through diagnosis and treatments and how these experiences impact one’s psyche/being. Imagery of pain and loss and vulnerability and scars emerge, while in contrast, images of resiliency, beauty, perseverance, love, connection, growth and transformation also prevail. Women who would never have considered themselves artists develop brave new ways of exploring or building up the self through therapeutic art-making.