Zumba for Hope Party 2011 News

Zumba for Hope Party 2011 is our annual Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising party, finally rang down the curtain at Centre Socioculturel, Lile-Bizard City at Nov 12 night in West Island. Same as last zumba party, famous zumba super star Lisbeth and her instructor friends coming over to support event, dancing with breast cancer survivors, their family and friends,and many zumba fans. It’s great celebration party for breast cancer survivors, also demonstrated and shared positive thinking way to all friends.

Art Saving Life Foundation was a dream for Janet Liu 3 years ago. Today all you can see how much we have grown. The creator and President of Art Saving Life Foundation went through tough Surgery and Chemotherapy few years ago.  Janet is now much better and stronger. After long term struggling and recovery, it encouraged her to setup Art Saving Life Foundation with few friends. The idea, help other breast cancer patients and survivors to create a new lifestyle, painting and having as a part of their new life, outdoors  activities, exercising and specially maintaining a positive attitude.

Since last year, we donated fund to Ville Marie Oncology Foundation to support breast cancer research and recovery program. We setup “Art Saving Life Foundation Graduate Scholarship” at Concordia University to award the excellent student in Art Therapy master programs. Art Saving Life Foundation also provides in Art Therapy program and wellness program to breast cancer patients and survivors.

Zumba for Hope Party 2011 is 4th fundraising event for Art Saving Life Foundation. The purpose of this event is to bring awareness of breast cancer ;  also it’s to raise fund to support art therapy research and charitable programs.
Our zumba party is organized by Art Saving Life Foundation, Menghua Foundation.

Mrs. Ling Yin, chair of Menghua Foundation, Mr. Cong Cao, Vice Consul at Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Montreal, delivered great speech in the opening.
The party formally opened with one of the best and young artist prospects in Montreal, also actress, writer, singer and an experienced event organizer – Kat Garcia, she brought us two songs: We found Love& When love takes over.

The most excited zumba session has been led by famous Zumba instructor Lisbeth and Geovanny, their friends  Alejandra, Jossy, Karin and Miryam also coming to help. It was long as 2 hours fantastic zumbathon ! Your love, support and enthusiasm are second to none !

There are two parts of guest dance performance during zumba.

Anny Cao and Elmy Trieu brought us the “Korean Wave Mashup”, it’s still so cool as usually – D²A&E a.k.a Dynamic !

Yao dance is from Montreal center of Chinese culture and arts, performed by Fei Huang, Yu Fan, Jennifer Lee, David Wang, Jing Ren,Yuechuan Chen, Zili Hu and Ellyn Le Masson, bringing us the fresh air of Chinese folk culture – Yao’s qualities such as bravery, strength and a sense of great passion for living are deeply rooted and valued in its culture.
Many thanks our volunteering Zumba instructors Lisbeth, Geovanny, Alejandra, Jossy, Karin and Miryam !

Many thanks our volunteering guest performance: Anny Cao, Elmy Trieu, Fei Huang, Yu Fan, Jennifer Lee, David Wang, Jing Ren,Yuechuan Chen, Zili Hu and Ellyn Le Masson !
Many thanks for our volunteers: James Ranger, JiQuan Zhang, Bingyu Wang, Jie Yang, Sylvia Chan, Emily Xu, Anli Yao, Chen Mama.

Many thanks for our honor sponsors:

Lile-Bizard City
Sunlife Financial
Mark Kay
Costco Canada
LuYuen Natural
Centre de Massothérapie Line Déziel
Maple Vacations (Toronto)
Le Chocolat Belge
Martin Reflexology
Marlowe Restaurant

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