Hiking for Health in Nature Park

Hiking for Health in Nature Park

Hiking can be a great way to escape the monotony of the gym and get a heart-pumping workout. There are many benefits of hiking. The most common benefits include weight loss, decrease in blood pressure and increase of physical fitness.

This is long list for the benefit of hiking:

Weight Loss
Prevent Heart Disease
Decrease Cholesterol
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduce Stress and Depression
Stronger Longer
Prevent Osteoporosis
Better Air
Prevent Diabetes
Improve Arthritis
Relief from Back Pain
All Body Exercise
Experience Nature
Self Confidence
Year Round
Escape and Refreshment

You don’t need to go far away for hiking out of town, BOIS-DE-L’ILE-BIZARD NATURE PARK certainly is the most closed one but fully featured of most excited hiking trail in Montreal.

The park includes a long boardwalk over the inner marshes, stands of very tall old maples, wetlands, cedars and other kinds of woods. There are paths, some picnic tables on some of the drier land, some benches and occasional maps posted up, but the hand of man has been kept fairly light over much of the park.

The variety of birds as diverse as great herons, ducks and tree swallows are easy to spot and make the rankest amateur feel like a naturalist. You may not see any beavers but you will see the evidence of their dam building here and there.

This hiking activity is organized by Art Saving Life Foundation, welcome breast cancer survivors, your family, your friends joining with us this weekend, enjoying the refresh air, leaving the city away!




Gather at Lile-Bizard Library (500, montée de l’Église, L’Île-Bizard, QC H9C 1G9)
Free parking at Library parking lot
Taking 470 expressway from Cote Vertu metro to Fairview Mall, then bus 207 to stop de l’Église / Centre Culturel


June 4th, 2011 Saturday


11:00AM to 11:30AM Gather at Lile-Bizard Library
11:30AM to 01:30PM Walk from Secteur de I’Eglise to Beach
01:30AM to 02:30PM Lunch, Meditation, Stretch
02:30PM to 4:30PM  Walk from Beach to Lile-Bizard Library

What bring:

sport/walk shoe
sunscreen cream
sun glass
Insect repellent
lunch bag
bottle of water
photo camera