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How to donate to ASLF

The recommended way is to donate to ASLF through online service “Canada Helps” which is Canada’s only donation portal that provides access to all of Canada’s 80,000 charities. You will receive tax receipt pdf file after online donation immediately. “Stop to curse the darkness, light a candle.” Make a secure […]

Resource Link

Breast Cancer Resource http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_cancer wiki page http://www.cbcf.org Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation http://www.cancer.ca Canadian Cancer Socity http://www.bcsc.ca Breast Cancer Socity of Canada http://www.breastcancersupport.org Breast Cancer Support Services, ON, Canada http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/iyh-vsv/diseases-maladies/breast-sein-eng.php Health Canada http://www.womenshealthmatters.ca Women’s Health Matters http://www.breast.cancer.ca Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance http://www.breastcancer.org Art Therapy Resource http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_therapy wiki page http://www.catainfo.ca Canadian […]

Art Exhibition

The Art Saving Life Foundation will setup Art Exhibition several times per year. The exhibition will include works from artist who is breast cancer survivor or interests in women related topic. The Art Exhibition is to bring awareness of breast cancer, exhibit creative art works by group of breast cancer […]


Yoga Therapy offers a vision of health at each level of the individual, physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Preliminary study results suggest that breast cancer survivor can ease the discomfort and improve their overall sense of well-being by practicing yoga. Registration is required for new participants. This program is […]


Meditation is a tool to manage stress, tap into our inner wisdom, relax and activate our natural healing ability. The purpose of meditation is to find happiness and well being within the mind, regardless of what is going on in the body. Guided imagery encourages internal harmony and increases our […]

Theme Seminar

Theme Seminar is a small group share meeting for undergoing or post treatment breast cancer survivor, you can share experiences, feeling and information. Each seminar will focus on one individual theme, such as sport, food, health lifestyle, make up, relationship with family and friends, return to school and work, etc. […]

Art Therapy Program

Art therapy involves helping those with emotional and psychological difficulties to deal with their problems through a cooperative process of discovery. Clients are encouraged to come to their own understanding of what their art reveals, facilitated by the therapist, who helps to negotiate interpretations of the client’s drawings, which are […]


Each year, thousands of people are touched by breast cancer in the world. It not only impacts the individuals living with the disease, but their families, friends and loved ones as well. Here the Art Saving Life Foundation, we are working on breast cancer recovery in different way, we need […]

About ASLF

  The Art Saving Life Foundation (ASLF) is a registered volunteer-based charitable organization, the mission of which is to assist in the recovery of breast cancer survivors by providing art therapy programs and seminars on achieving self-balance and funding qualified organizations to conduct research. Established in 2008 by a dedicated […]